About Me

Kun Jia

I am a Full Stack engineer with website development, automation Ops and writing scripts experience. Life is a continuous learning process, so work makes me more rigorous, travel makes my life more colorful. I can make lots of friends when I coding and travel.

My Career


Work as a DevOps engineer for manufacture design system in Apple.

Oct. 2017
Dev Ops


I was in Nextcode and develop website with Python code for genetic analysis.

Apr. 2016
Python Developer

Netease Game

In Netease game, I learned game service system and use Python code for ops.

Jun. 2015
Dev Ops


In ucloud, I started to deal with servers and Linux system and use shell scripts to manage massive server.

Feb. 2014
Dev Ops


At July 2013,I graduated from college and started my IT technology tour.

Jul. 2013

My Skills

My Projects


Saplatform is a automated service for operations, it has asset management, project release, database access function, it can control mass servers.

...   ...


Jalpc is a simple, beautiful and swift theme for Jekyll. It has comprehensive function, it can be easily used and edited. It's adapted for many kinds devices.

...   ...


IMGKit is a Python 2/3 library which wrapper wkhtmltoimage utility to convert HTML to image using Webkit, input can be URLs, HTML files and string.

...   ...


It is a web font application written by Angularjs and deployed by Jekyll on github (gh-pages), the backend platform is Leancloud, you can use Parse as well.

...   ...


Rsser is an Ionic application, with this application we can read news and articles freely, you can add rss address from the given list and add it manually.

...   ...

FamilyCODE Wchat

This is a shopping mall in wechat, it promotes gene detection. Since time is precious, I write this website with Django, jQuery, weui. This is WuxiNextcode's major product. You can scan project's picture by wechat.


Z-Tool is a personal project for myself, we can use PC/WeChat to query some information. Front end is written by VueJS/WeChat mini app framework, backend API is written by Flask.